Uncle Jerry

Uncle Jerry

There were many car guys that heavily influenced me growing up. Among them were my Mother’s Brothers , all 5 were into cars. My Uncle Jerry, however, is the only one who made it into a career. For the entire time I knew him he was a professional car salesman.

Glenway Chevrolet, Sieve Pontiac, King’s Auto Mall were dealerships that benefited from having Jerry on staff.

I know, you don’t usually see professional with car salesman, but Jerry was among the best. Not because he was slick or could talk anyone into any car or sold a hundred cars every month. But rather that he was kind, and cared about people and cars. He was well known and respected in Western Cincinnati and people trusted him because he was raised right, had a strong moral compass, and had taken the time and done the work to earn their trust.

After his passing in 2009, his friends and family put together a charity car show to honor Jerry in the community that loved him so much. Earlier this year, his wonderful wife, Aunt Kathy joined him in heaven. I can’t imagine anyone better to be watching over the business of this car dealership. Thank you, Uncle Jerry.

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