Russian Spambots – Argh!

Russian Spambots – Argh!
Sample spam

Well, it sucks…always ruining a good thing. The makers of WordPress, the template for this website, included a nice feature to allow people to comment on posts/blogs. Well, I have to turn off this feature. There will be no more comments allowed an the posts for this page.

You see the Russian spambots are set up to post garbage comments with links to websites. The more garbage linked posts, the higher those linked websites rate in web search engines. So there is quite the incentive to post these garbage comments.

I have a few choices; I can manually remove each post, I can pay for a plugin to try to catch and delete these, or turn off comments altogether. At least for now, bye bye comments.

I you really want to say something, please share on Facebook or Instagram.

Thanks all…except you filthy, stinking spambots of course.

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