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1966 Ford Bronco Pt.1 – Star Motors

1966 Ford Bronco Pt.1

1966 Ford Bronco Pt.1

The next project car has landed at Star Motors. This is a very special project to me from many reasons:

First, it belongs to a good buddy of mine, Dave. Dave has owned this vehicle for over twenty years, buying it way back when we were just wee tykes. And like many project cars, most of those years it has been parked in one garage or another…waiting.

Second, I helped Dave to get this car running and drivable way back in the day. Here is a picture of Dave, happy to be working on the Bronco.

Third, I was there for the incident that took it, in dramatic fashion, off the road many years ago. More on this incident in a later post.

Fourth, this project has been discussed over beers by Dave and I for many, many years.

Our kids are grown up enough and now that I have my own shop, the time is here to do the Bronco right!

So Dave has loaded up the Bronco and brought it down to the shop.

Dave and I have been working over the details of the build for a while now but the build mission is as follows: Comfortable and safe to drive from Iowa City to Private Iowa/CO Homebase to Mountain destination ~2 hours. Off road capable. Preserve for future restoration. Cosmetically, we are leaving it pretty much as is.

In my next post, we will get into some of the build details of this project. If you have any ideas or specific tips and tricks for this Bronco, we are all ears. Till then, Happy Trails!

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