Klairmont Kollection

Klairmont Kollection

This past weekend, I found myself in Chicago with a few hours to kill. I chose to spend my time with the Klairmont car collection, and I have to tell you, this was time well spent. This auto museum houses one of the most amazing group of vehicles I have ever had the pleasure to view. The curator(s) have also done an incredible job of staging the collection amongst the plethora of automobilia. I would highly, highly recommend a visit to the Klairmont Kollection, as even the mildest auto fan will be entertained, but for those with motor oil in their blood, this is pure nirvana!

While there I became somewhat obsessed with the hood ornaments on the incredibly diverse collection of cars. I took hundreds of photos of the cars while there, but here are just some hood ornaments to whet your appetite for the rest.

This collection is just stunning! The openness and ability to get up close and personal with the cars is a huge benefit to those that like to take photos. There are many cars in this collection that are one of one, you will not see them anywhere else. Trust me, you absolutely will not regret visiting this museum, just go with enough time to linger.


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