Dave buys his Bronco

Dave buys his Bronco

I bought my dream car October 18, 1996. I was just four days shy of my 20th birthday but I was already a homeowner and something of a 4×4 enthusiast. I had been driving the family hand-me-down ‘81 Jeep CJ7 since I was 14 (school permit!) and had already experienced quite a few epics out Jeep’n with my buddies! I had also purchased and “flipped” a 70’s WV slug bug and drove a 70’s convertible triumph spitfire across the country packed full of my grandpa’s belongings. Dad and I certainly looked pretty Beverly Hillbillyish chugging through Appalachia on that epic trip!  I was young, but I was well versed in yanking the E-brake and untangling cars from sticky situations lol!

The Bronco, however, was mine, all mine. It was all my decision purchase the beast.   Much to the dismay of my father, who understandably, couldn’t see the practicality of the rig.   How could I argue with his logic? I was, after all, buying an antique 4×4!  I didn’t care, I was nineteen and I was in love with it! It was my dream car and I was all over it! 

Then, just 2 years after I bought my dream car, I retired… the car that is. 

More to come on the epic wipe out we took. How it ended the Bronco’s wellbeing…but spared Kyle and I but one of our nine lives each 🤣.

Less to come on the 22 years it’s been collecting dust in various garages.

Languishing in the garage.

Call it a COVID project, call it long overdue, call me crazy or just call for a ride because this OG Bronco is on a comeback! Better yet, call Kyle at Star Motors so he can help you find your own dream machine!

Seeing the light of day and getting a bath before heading to Star Motors.

Fun Fact$:
Sale price $1,800.00 on 10/18/96 from Dwight Bode. Dwight owned the Gilbert Street Pawn, the shop where we bought our skateboards growing up (skateboarding is not a crime).  The Bronco was parked along the river down near our cabin on riverfront estates. I spotted the Bronco while boating on the river… it wasn’t really for sale I don’t think.  But I knew he owned the pawn shop and everything is really for sale when it comes down to it…Dwight has since offered to buy back the Bronco on several occasions. #notforsale

Strapped up a ready to head to the shop.

Killay is the Broncos name.  In honor of my mother’s maiden name.

️Grandpa K had an old bronco (or maybe it was a scout?)  I loved riding in it when I was very young.  He always had candy in the console and I didn’t mind lifting my butt from that front middle spot for something sweet to eat!  Plus, Mom always encouraged me to keep the Bronco and re-assured me that one day it would drive again… Thanks Mom!

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