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1966 Ford Bronco Pt.VI – Star Motors

1966 Ford Bronco Pt.VI

1966 Ford Bronco Pt.VI

In the last post, we covered the installation of the rear end. In this post, we get the front end assembled and installed. For this little round of work, we hosted one of Dave’s friends from Colorado, Ben. Ben is a longtime 4WD hobbyist and knows his way around trucks and tools. He is a welcome addition to team Bronco.

Ben is looking for some parts.

The front end assembly went very quickly once we got everything laid out and oriented. It’s very satisfying to put together all new or freshly reconditioned parts!

With the front end out, you can see the overall condition.
Looking minty fresh!
Ben and Dave assembling the painted axle assembly.

You may recall from the build spec that the Bronco is getting disc brakes at all 4 wheels. So bye bye to all the drum hardware and hello to new shiny brake parts!

Anyone need drum brake parts?
Dave installing the backing plates for the new disc brakes.
Running bolts through all the threaded holes to make sure assembly goes smoothly.
The radius arms assembled to the axle. We had to use some large wood clamps to pull the caps enough to get the bolts started, then torque TIGHT!
Getting the spring perches in place.
Getting the radius arms lined up with the frame mounts.
Everything home including those new Bilstein shocks.

All in all, everything went smoothly and is made for a nice night of after hours wrenching at the shop. Thanks to Ben for all the help!

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