1966 Ford Bronco Pt. III

1966 Ford Bronco Pt. III

In the last post, we started to look at the build spec for the Bronco. In this post we will continue to explore the specs. As always, we want to hear from you to benefit from any experience you may have or just hear your stories.


Transmission and Transfer Case – Earlier this summer the C4 transmission and Dana transfer case were delivered to Fountain Transmission so Chris Fountain and his crew could give it a refresh. They quickly and expertly went through the units, replacing all of the common wear items. Chris pronounced the transmission and transfer case healthy and ready for duty with a warning that we better get them installed by the end of Summer or get some lubrication in them. Dave is currently debating what the paint job should look like, please comment if you have any input.

Ready to rumble!
Chris Fountain seal of approval.

Dave and I have worked a couple of late nights to get the front and rear axles out. I have stripped out the Dana 30 front axle so that Dave can get it cleaned up and painted to be reassembled and upgraded. The rear axle is currently awaiting a strip down.

Power washing the front axle
Fresh Paint
Just love that Hammerite Blue finish

In the next post we will get into more details of what is going on those axles during the build up. Here is a picture of how the she looks in the shop right now.

Vehicle added!
The vehicle is already in the wishlist!